Scalable warehousing space, whenever you need it.

Your business’ warehousing needs may be ever changing and therefore may require more flexibility to scale up and down as and when you require.  There may be occasions when you need more pallets and space due to a build-up of stock during busier periods, the arrival of that all-important shipment or a one off import of goods.

Parker International can give greater control and total flexibility.  With our demand led outsourced warehousing services, storage space and management packages, you can readily change, expand or contract your warehousing configurations.  That means you only pay for the stock you have stored, providing you with a simplified warehousing solution and lower financial exposure.

Our warehousing facilities cater for a wide and diverse range of goods and merchandise, with racked or block space available and free standing storage areas for machinery and non-standard items.

This fully scalable approach to warehousing will allow you to amalgamate your shipments under one roof and use just the right amount of space, from smaller orders of ten pallets through to bulk orders of 2,000 pallets.

So you can simply take the space you need in accordance with the demands of your business using Parker’s flexible approach to demand and volume led warehousing.  And if you require Customs Bonded warehousing options, we also have HMRC Customs approved Dry Bonded facilities and warehouse management systems.

Benefits of our flexible, volume led warehousing services

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Fully scalable according to your needs

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Provides greater cost control and reduction

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No direct lease or property obligations

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Gives you a secure site at which to store your merchandise safely

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