Opening up routes to new markets.

So you want to break into a new market, perhaps Europe or the UK, or maybe you simply want to extend your existing customer base on the domestic front?

Either way, Parker International can match efficient e-commerce and fulfilment services with unrivalled experience in identifying new markets and business opportunities on your behalf.

The key to this is experience and a wide network of contacts across the retail industry. Whether you need briefing information on how to successfully penetrate UK or European markets and promote your brand within those, or you need an introduction to a major retailer or high street store, we can help you negotiate and broker a deal to give you an additional sales platform or outlet.

Industry knowledge

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Parker International has a track record of putting the right businesses together and helping both parties to increase their profitability or widen their selection of quality merchandise.  If you want to be put in touch with a key player in the UK or Europe, we can help make that happen.

New business introductions

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The depth of our industry knowledge, coupled with many years of building up a huge network of influential business connections, means we can profile your business and find the right retailer to help you grow your business and increase sales.

Retail store presence

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Selling your merchandise and products in new markets isn’t just about e-commerce, even in today’s fast moving online environment.  A strong presence in prominent high street stores is still a great way to increase your sales, and our team can get you in front of key market players.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you to gain access to new
domestic or overseas markets, request a Call-back from a Dedicated Account Manager