Giving you the right platform to deliver to your customers

You know that access to online market places is key to business growth, increasing sales and widening your customer base.

So how do you ensure that you have the technology you need to put yourself in the shop window of online marketplaces and sales channels, translate that presence into orders and rapidly deliver to your customers – on time, every time?

Parker International uses one of the leading software programmes, MintSoft, which supports all the major shopping carts and includes an end-to-end order management, warehouse monitoring and online tracking system.

It’s a state-of-the-art ordering platform designed to give you flexibility and control, with every step in the process fully integrated and featuring easy to use management dashboards.  More importantly, it’s a platform which will make your business more efficient and reduce your operating costs.

Connecting you with
online marketplaces

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Our software seamlessly connects you with all the major shopping carts, marketplaces and online sales channels.  We ensure that you meet the processing requirements of each.  By extending your online reach, you can achieve more sales.

e-commerce platforms

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We will ensure that you have API integrated access to ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and couriers, as well as key management tasks like storage, accounting and product returns management. 

Software for

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With a user friendly content management system, our ecommerce software allows you to tailor products and offers to specific marketplaces and sales channels.

your orders

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With MintSoft, you can monitor your stock levels, order processing and delivery systems round the clock.  You can design, manage and fully automate workflow processes from customer order to delivery.

& warehousing

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Our mobile warehousing software gives you full control of delivery receipts, purchase order reconciliation and stock management.  And you can achieve this seamlessly across multiple warehouse and storage locations.

Supply chain

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With our smart software, you can work more efficiently with your supply chain connections to manage purchasing and stock replenishment and forecast product demand.  That means you achieve greater cost and cashflow control.

Connecting you
with carriers

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Parker International intelligent carrier management software will ensure you get the most cost competitive deals for delivery.  And our system takes care of all the important details like integrated labelling and parcel tracking.

Tailored modules for
your business

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Our e-commerce software platforms are fully scalable and can be customised to meet your specific business requirements.  Additional ERP based modules include financial management software, CRM systems and business performance reports.

Direct courier integrations

To discuss your e-commerce platform needs,
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